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What patients have to say about Dr. Mosery

Excellent Dentist

I first went to Dr. Mosery decades ago, and have nothing but good things to say about his ability, careful attention to detail, and sincere concern for his patients. He always makes sure your comfort comes first, and to my mind his work is about as painless as modern dentistry can be. I can't imagine there are many dentists out there as professional in every regard. I've recommended him to friends who are equally pleased.

Joe P

No wait - No pain

Dr. Mosery runs an efficient, state of the art practice. My family has been going to Dr. Mosery for over 30 years and we are extremely pleased with the routine services provided, as well as, the successful outcome of my implants and my wife’s restorations. We appreciate his ethical and compassionate approach and would highly recommend him.

Frank S

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Mosery for the past twenty years. He is very professional and cares a lot about his patients. He and his staff are very friendly and compassionate. His office is very clean and there is no long waiting period when you visit his office. I am extremely grateful and happy for the services he delivers. Thank you and your staff.

Verona S

As the kids would say...AWESOME

After decades of "dentist-hopping" I have finally found a "keeper" in Dr. Rafael Mosery! He is up-to-date in his knowledge, calming in his confidence and sensitive in his approach. I picked this dentist as a result of reading reviews reflecting these same perceptions. I've been a few times and was seen at the appointment time...no waiting! The office boasts the latest technology...(what a relief!)...and a dynamic and dedicated one-woman staff named Debbie. And wonder of wonders... Dr. Mosery does extractions AND implants. (No more forced dentist-hopping from generalist to specialist!)......I would recommend Dr. Mosery without hesitation!

Anita F

Great dentist

Dr. Mosery is a great dentist. He is friendly, professional and very skillful. He schedules the appointments so there is no waiting. When medication is required he is very careful to give it time to numb the area before he starts to work. But must of all, his work is impeccable.

Maria C

Filling a cavity

I had a very good experience with Dr. Mosery, he was very thorough with the procedure and explaining to me what would be done. He is good at what he does and is very highly recommended.

Matt S

Always a great experience

The staff is courteous and professional. Best of all no "waiting time", The doctor is always ready to see you at the schedule appointment. Dr, Mosery is the best in the business, I would never go anywhere else.

Richard P

This is a very punctual and professional practice

David J

Dr Rafael Mosery

Dr Mosery is an excellent dentist. He has done major repair work on my teeth and every time I felt that he was knowledgable and skillful. I was never afraid with any procedure. He works quickly and gives his full attention to the task at hand. Dr Mosery is caring, kind, and personable in dealing with his patients. He took care of my mother's teeth until 94 years old and now he is taking care of mine. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs dental work.

Marie P

The best and most professional care, hands down!

Dr. Mosery is a professional in every sense of the word! The care my family and i receive is amazing, he really cares about the health and overall well being of his patients and that shows through his work and his dental health recommendations. I always walk out with a smile (literally) and with all the work i have done over the years you can trust my opinion. His work is impeccable, and each visit i am left rather surprised at how effortless he makes even the most complex dental procedures feel. Thanks for everything!

Jack A

Love to smile

Looking for a doctor with taste, class and professionalism? I have one for you . No waiting time, Prompt, efficient and excellent work. No pain, Clean and relaxing atmosphere. The only doctor I trust with my mouth.Thanks for the smile he gave me.

Evadney M

Dr. Mosery

Dr. Mosery is a very pleasant dentist. He is very friendly and puts people at ease if they're nervous about upcoming dental work. I have been going to him for years. I've had a few dental implants and he's the BEST!

Nancy R

Best Dentist Around !!

Thank you Dr Mosery for Taking the Best Care of My Teeth ,my Dads Teeth,Friends and Family, I strongly Recomend going to Dr Mosery

Meyer R

A man of excellence and integrity

Dr. Mosery is a rare combination. He not only is an excellent dentist but a man of integrity. He has been my dentist for many years. He not only monitors my teeth, takes care of them, but also advises me of care and procedures necessary to maintain their health. He is friendly and explains all procedures. His appointments are almost always in real time and there is very little waiting. The perfect example of this combination is when my wife who is also his patient fell and hurt her mouth and teeth. Dr. Mosery immediately took care of her, straitened out her teeth and then he called the specialist she needed to personally arrange for an immediate appointment. I highly recommend him with no reservation or hesitation.

Paul A

The best hands in dentistry

Dr. Mosery has been my dentist for over 25 years. His work is flawless every crown I have fits perfectly and i have never had not one single issue. On top of that, his hobbies include stain glass reproductions which require precise eye hand coordination. His glass work mirrors his dental work with precision.

Sol K

never fear the dentist ever again

Dr. Mosery is very honest & informative. He put me at ease the minute I sat down in the chair. He explained everything to me before he started working on my teeth and I was extremely satisfied with my whole experience. His office is pleasant and well managed and he keeps his appointments right on schedule. I highly recommend Dr. Mosery,in fact he is also my husband & children's dentist as well.

Paulette D

Excellent and Trustworthy

I totally trust Dr. Mosery with my many dental issues and credit him with saving several of my teeth. He is an excellent dentist who cares about his patients and always give the best advice.

Marie W

Best Dentist in town!!

Dr. Mosery has been servicing my family for over 18 years, he provides latest methods, always minimal pain. He also has great patience aesome doctor!!

Marc G

He's the best !

Dr Mosery is totally professional, incredibly sensitive and knows perfectly what he is doing. My last dentist had me in constant pain ,from and unnecessary procedure, for 8 months ! Dr Mosery fixed the tooth and the pain in 2 visits. He is practical, understanding and just terrific.

Joe D

Thoroughly Professional

Dr. Mosery takes pride in his work and his patient's health. I always feel confident he has my best interests in mind. I also appreciate that he always makes time for me when I have an urgent matter (that is, when I am in pain). A great bonus is that he usually takes me right on time.

Eli G

The best dentist. Always looking for most advanced technology.

Irina F

An Excellent Choice

Dr. Mosery has been my dentist for a few years now, and I am pleased with the treatment I receive. Unlike so many dental offices, Dr. Mosery does all the work on his patients himself, which means clients can build a relationship with the dentist, not an assistant or dental hygienist. That allows him to catch areas of concern sooner because he is familiar with his patients' teeth. Dr. Mosery and his staff are friendly, and they remember their clients' names. Each cleaning uses top-notch cleaning procedures, and routine dental appointments are usually completed quickly, My spouse has a fear of dentists, and Dr. Mosery understands that. He explains each procedure thoroughly, and, whenever medication is required, he actually gives it time to numb the area before proceeding. He's the best dentist I've ever had, and I've had the good ones, the bad ones,can't the average ones care for my teeth.

Ruth S

Quality Dentistry

Dr. Mosery does a meticulous and professional job. He listens carefully to patients' problems and concerns, and he minimizes any associated pain. He recently replaced my dental bond which fell off, and the results are indistinguishable from the original tooth.

Steve Z


Excellent quick service,makes going to the dentist a pleasure

Elyse T

Power Wash Cleaning

I had a great experience with Dr Mosery. He is attentive to my needs and does a great job encouraging me to keep my teeth in good health.

Aviv S

Best Dentist

Best dentist cause he understands what a patient needs and he gives you the service you need . Highly recommended.

Eyal L

I've been coming to Dr. Mosery for 14 years now. I've always been happy with the care received. I bring my entire family.


Dear Dr.Mosery,

Thank you very much for your kindness, professionalism and services to me. I also deeply appreciate your follow up telephone calls which helped to sooth my anxiety.

Please tell Debbie that it was wonderful to rely on someone who gave me the information I needed. I thank her also.

Sincerely and Gratefully,
Celestine D.

Dr. Mosery has a rare and unique combination of professional expertise and personal integrity. I believe in him.

Paul A.

Dear Dr. Mosery,

Ken and I are very grateful for the dental care you have extended to us for the past 20 years. Your diagnosis and treatment are always explained and we are thoroughly satisfied with the care and follow-up we have received.

Your office staff is very warm and helpful and as a consequence we are looking forward to being your patients for another 20 years.

Ken and Grace A.

Started with Dr. Mosery in 1985 after my old dentist retired. His skill and proficiency and knowledge are unsurpassed. His work is tops. His availability and aftercare are excellent. He’s done implant surgery and root canals for me that proved quite successful. He’s also friendly and funny! Two thumbs up.

Ray A.

I first came to Dr. Mosery 10 years ago with serious gum disease. Within months he brought my gums back to health. He taught me how to do proper homecare and we have kept my mouth healthy and stable ever since.

I and many members of my extended family have found Dr. Mosery to be a consummate professional. He is dedicated to keeping us in top oral health. We also find him to be trustworthy and reassuring.

I give Dr. Mosery an A plus plus.

Rivka F.

Dr. Mosery is an expert, a veteran in his work-a delight to see even though he's a dentist. He works smoothly and efficiently and explains everything as he goes along. He has an obvious awareness that I am more than just another set of teeth or a source of income. Every tooth matters to him as it does to me. His work with my missing teeth, his consistent devotion to my many dental implants makes him an invaluable addition to my life.

I recommend him without reservation

L. Z.

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